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University of Connecticut School of Engineering EAGLES: Engineers As Global Leaders for Energy Sustainability

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many credits am I completing at my European degree-awarding institution?

    You have to complete 50 ECTS credits at the degree-awarding institution and 10 ECTS credits at the non-degree awarding institution.
  • When am I expected to arrive/return?

    PoliMi students are expected to arrive before September 20th. However, there is the option to take an intensive two week summer Italian language course in Como, Italy prior to the semester. Availability of this course and its dates are not known until summertime.

    Students attending UPM are expected to arrive the first week of September. During August the university is closed and there is very little activity.

    Depending on the student’s personalized track determines when the student departs from and arrives in the United States. If the student completes the ECTS credits at the non-degree awarding institution before completing 1 year at the degree awarding institution, s/he will need to leave the U.S. in May. However, if these credits are completed after 1 year at the degree awarding institution, s/he will return to the U.S. in October or November.
  • How do I locate an adviser at my European degree-awarding institution?

    PoliMi students will be able to meet with potential advisors during Enrollment week.

    UPM students will receive their acceptance letters from their assigned advisers.

    These are the advisors that will guide you during your academic year. As you get acquainted with the school, the EAGLES program coordinators abroad will be available to guide you and assist you in locating an advisor for the academic year as well as an advisor for your research/course period at the non-degree awarding institution.
  • How can I locate an academic calendar for UPM and PoliMi?

    Academic calendars for these universities are not ready until the end of the spring semester/early summer. Keep checking their web pages until the calendar has been updated.
  • How do I make lab arrangements?

    Lab arrangements will be made upon arrival at the universities. The EAGLES program coordinators abroad will assist you.
  • How do I select my courses?

    PoliMi students will complete a plan of study in their application that is considered as pre-registration. This can be adjusted during Enrollment Week.

    UPM students will pre-register as a part of their application process. Once they have arrived on campus in Madrid, they will be able to change their courses and officially enroll.
  • What language are courses taught in?

    At PoliMi some courses are taught in Italian others are in English. You will need to look up each of the courses to determine which is taught in Italian and which in English.

    At UPM all courses are taught in Spanish but with English texts with the exception of Electronics. This field is taught in English. All research is conducted in English.
  • Do I need to speak Italian or Spanish?

    Speaking the languages is not required but a working knowledge of each language is recommended. This will allow you to adapt better to the culture and city of the universities. The University of Connecticut offers language courses through the Department of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages. PoliMi offers language courses in Italian for their international students for free. Check here.
  • How do I find housing at EU universities?

    For POLIMI: In order for students to find accommodation at the university residences, students need to first enroll and then fill out an online form. More information regarding university accommodation can be found here.

    For UPM: you can find information regarding university accommodation here.