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University of Connecticut School of Engineering EAGLES: Engineers As Global Leaders for Energy Sustainability

Ignacio Tognaccini

Ignacio Tognaccini Sainz is a Master's student in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Connecticut. He is set to graduate from UConn in May 2014, while at the same time completing his Industrial Engineering degree from Politecnica de Madrid.

Energy conversion devices, such as internal combustion engines and turbo machinery are some of the topics that attract him most. In fact, his research studies at UConn are focused on Vibration Phenomena and Noise Reduction in Gas Turbine Engines. His work involves not only theoretical models about the interaction between rotor and stator and cut-off harmonic frequencies; but also active development in the machine shop. Parallel research studies in Geometric Modeling and Finite Elements allow Ignacio to apply his mechanical background to these power engineering machines.