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University of Connecticut School of Engineering EAGLES: Engineers As Global Leaders for Energy Sustainability

Eduardo Pallerez Perez

Eduardo Pallares is a student from Madrid, Spain. He started mechanical engineering at ETSII-UPM (Madrid) and majored in fluid dynamics and energy systems. Upon hearing about the EAGLES program at UConn in the US and the possibility of doing a Master’s degree there, he decided study Biomedical Engineering. His interest in the human body and how it works combined with his interests in Engineering gave him the opportunity to combine his studies.

After analyzing the syllabi, he began his study of the central nervous system and how it and the brain work with information. He also studied Neural Info Processing and Coding Course, Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, Physiological Systems, and Physiological Modeling Course and Clinical Instrumentation. He has done some research while in the US and worked individually was a professor on CFD (Computed Fluid Dynamics) applied to Biomedical Engineering. He will continue his research in Milano. Like other participants of the EAGLES program, Eduardo will earn a double degree from UConn and the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid after he has presented his final research in Spain as a part of his thesis project.