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University of Connecticut School of Engineering EAGLES: Engineers As Global Leaders for Energy Sustainability

General Requirements

Each student participating in the program is required to:

  • obtain at least 50 ECTS credits in the degree awarding European institution
  • obtain at least 10 ECTS credits in the no degree awarding institution
  • complete and defend a Master’s Thesis

Students will begin the research for the thesis at the end of the first year of the program during a four-month research experience at one of the two partner universities. Students will be paired with a faculty supervisor at their first host school to guide their initial research. Research and thesis work will continue during the student’s studies at the second partner school where a second faculty supervisor will provide additional guidance and support. A UConn faculty member will oversee the research and completion of the thesis work.

A list of thesis work is available here

Language Requirements

Strong, working knowledge of Italian and Spanish is recommended but not required. However, it is important to note that while courses and lab work are conducted in English at both universities, both cities function predominantly in their respective country’s languages. Elementary coursework in Italian or Spanish is advised.