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University of Connecticut School of Engineering EAGLES: Engineers As Global Leaders for Energy Sustainability

Application Procedure for UConn Applicants

Application Information for UConn Undergraduate Seniors and Recenty Admitted Graduate Students

Applications are accepted throughout the semester. You need to pay an application fee.

STEP 1: Communicate your department of interest

  1. Visit the School of Engineering’s website:
  2. Choose which department you would like to apply for:
  3. Write to program coordinator Aida Ghiaei ( to communicate your intent to apply to the University of Connecticut for Graduate School and your interest in the EAGLES program, indicating:
    • a. The department you are applying to
    • b. Which faculty member you would like to work with
  4. Proceed to the Graduate School’s online application. All documents and application materials are submitted online at

STEP 2: UConn Admissions Acceptance

  1. Once your application has been reviewed by the Graduate School it will be sent to your department of choice for review.
  2. The department will recommend you for admissions.
  3. You will be asked to accept admissions.
  4. Once you have accepted admissions to your program, please write to Aida Ghiaei ( to confirm.
  5. Given the approval of the EAGLES program coordinator and your faculty advisor you m ay proceed to apply to study at Polimi or UPM

STEP 3: Polimi or UPM Admissions Acceptance

  1. UConn students will receive application materials and instructions from the degree-awarding institution (Either PoliMi or UPM) in February.
  2. To apply as a student you will need:
    • a. The EU application
    • b. Official Transcript
    • c. Two passport-size photos
    • d. A Statement of Purpose
    • e. An official letter from the EAGLES program director at UConn detailing your selection for the program
  3. Application materials must be completed online or in print by February 20th and submitted to the prospective degree awarding institution.
  4. If application materials are in print all documents must be sent by the UConn School of Engineering Dean’s office directly to the prospective degree awarding institution in the EU
  5. Once admitted, please write to Aida Ghiaei ( to confirm.
  6. At this point is the responsibility of the admitted student to obtain a VISA (See for more information)

STEP 4: Housing

  1. Housing details must be organized with Elisa Domenis, (PoliMi) or Ana Domínguez, (UPM).