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University of Connecticut School of Engineering EAGLES: Engineers As Global Leaders for Energy Sustainability

Application Procedure for POLIMI/UPM Applicants

PoliMi/UPM students will have already been selected by their home institutions to apply as matriculating students of the University of Connecticut. The following outlines the procedures of application for POLIMI/UPM students:

STEP 1: Communicate your department of interest

  1. Write to program coordinator Aida Ghiaei ( to communicate your intent to apply to the University of Connecticut.
  2. Visit the School of Engineering’s website:
  3. Choose which department you would like to apply for:
  4. For each department, search the faculty members and decide which faculty member you are interested in working with who will presumably be your major advisor at UConn.
  5. Write to Aida Ghiaei ( and communicate the following:
    • a. The department you are applying to
    • b. Which faculty member you would like to work with
    • c. After this is communicated to Aida Ghiaei, proceed to the online application.

STEP 2: Online Application

  1. All documents and application materials are submitted online at
  2. The following supporting documents need to be uploaded to your online application:
    1. Upload an unofficial transcript/appropriate required documentation into the application system. This transcript must clearly state which courses/credits have been used to your undergraduate degree/or its equivalent (Italy: Laurea Triennale Spain: Grado) and which courses/credits are currently being used towards your M.S. degree/or its equivalent (Italy: Laurea Magistrale Spain: Masters). Transcripts in both English and the native language of your university (Italian/Spanish) must be submitted.
    2. After you have uploaded an unofficial copy of this transcript. Please mail hardcopies of the official transcript in English and Italian/Spanish to the Graduate School at the following address:University of Connecticut
      Graduate School, Unit 1152
      438 Whitney Road Extension
      Storrs, CT 06269-1152
    3. Download, complete, and upload a Financial Declaration form. You can find this form here:
    4. Remember to include in your application which department you are applying to. For example: Mechanical Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Chemical, Materials, and Biomolecular Engineering; etc.
    5. Once you are recommended for admission, you must submit evidence of adequate financial support to cover the costs of one full year of study at the University of Connecticut before an I-20 for Visa application can be issued. If you have received a Graduate Assistantship (GAship) from your department, your tuition is waived, and the monetary value of the tuition, plus the amount of your graduate assistant stipend, should be factored into your financial declaration.
    6. The Test of English Proficiency’s (TOEFL) scores must be uploaded through the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Your test results must be no more than two years old.
    7. The GRE is not required nor is a writing sample.
    8. Once you have submitted the online application and necessary materials please write to Aida Ghiaei ( to confirm.

STEP 3: Admissions Acceptance

  1. Once your application has been reviewed by the Graduate School it will be sent to your department of choice for review.
  2. The department will recommend you for admissions.
  3. You will be asked to accept admissions.
  4. Once you have accepted admissions to your program, the department will generate a GAship offer letter which will provide you with funding and a full tuition waiver for the academic year. This letter will be send to the Graduate School and your I-20 and an information packet will be issued to your department for VISA application. This packet will include information for on-campus housing. Your department of choice will send your I-20 and information package via expedited postal mail.
  5. Once you have received your GAship letter offer and have accepted admissions please write to Aida Ghiaei ( to confirm.

STEP 4: Housing

  1. If you were not able to secure on-campus house, please contact Carrie Stevens for information about and help with other housing options and details: