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Daniel E. Noble (B.S. Electrical Engineering '29) 1901-1980

NAE induction: 1968
Citation: Leadership in the development of a wide variety of electronic devices and systems.

Daniel E. Noble originated the nation's first two-way state police system placed online, and the first practical two-way FM radio telephone mobile system in the world. Based on this success, he was invited to join Galvin Manufacturing Corp. (later changed to Motorola, Inc.) in 1940 as Director of Research. He developed FM communications equipment for police and the U.S. Signal Corps, and was directly responsible for the systems concept and the direction of the development of the U.S. Army's SCR-300 FM Walkie-Talkie. In 1949, he set up a solid state electronics research laboratory for Motorola in Phoenix that eventually led to the establishment of the Semiconductor Products Division (now the Semiconductor Group). Dr. Noble held a variety of positions, including Director of Research; General Manager of the Communications Division; Vice President and Director of Motorola, Inc.; Vice President and Director in charge of the Communications Division; Group Executive Vice President and Vice Chairman of the Board and Chief Technical Officer of the Corporation. He retired from Motorola in 1970 but served as Chair of the Science Advisory Board.

He held nine patents on electronics and was a Life Fellow of the IEEE and the Franklin Institute. He was awarded the WEMA Medal of Achievement, the Franklin Institute's Stuart Ballantine Medal and the University of Connecticut Engineering Alumni Plaque. He was the 1978 IEEE Edison Medal Recipient "For leadership and innovation in meeting important public needs, especially in developing mobile communications and solid-state electronics." IEEE established the Daniel E. Noble Award in 2000 to honor outstanding contributions to emerging technologies recognized within recent years.

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