The School of Engineering is offering lifetime email addresses to all of its existing students and alumni. Students will be able to maintain one email identity from their freshman year through to graduation and beyond. Existing students can establish their permanent email address through our web-based system as described below. All email sent to that address will be delivered to their existing account, whether that is on our system or forwarded elsewhere. Alumni can request a permanent email address through the process described below. All mail sent to that address will be forwarded to an external email address that they specify.

Existing Students

Existing students can establish their permanent email address through our web-based Account Management system. Simply navigate to the Update Your Account** page, enter your credentials, and follow the directions in the "Your Email for Life Address" section. Click on the help link for additional details.


Alumni can establish a permanent email address by filling out a short form. Enter your contact information, including the external email address to which to forward your mail and your graduation year, and click Submit. Your information will be verified against alumni information at the University of Connecticut Foundation. Once verified, you will receive an email at the address which you specified.

Click here if you are an alumni and wish to fill out this form.


** Requires authentication via a School of Engineering email account

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