Sun, Yunquan

Year Inducted / Awarded: 2012

Member Award: Academy of Distinguished Engineers

Dr. Yunquan Sun is President of the ENN Group North America, Inc. and Senior CEO of the InterSmart Robotic Systems Co. Ltd. offering cutting-edge robotic manufacturing systems. Dr. Sun has more than 20 years of experience in research and development, notably in new robotics techniques and solar energy applications. Before joining ENN, he worked as the Senior Research & Development Engineer in ABB’s Robotics & Automation Lab, where he was responsible for significant breakthroughs in the areas of robotic calibration, robotic programming and robotic material removal. He holds six U.S. patents, 12 Chinese patents and two national standards, and he remains at the forefront in the development of solar energy in the North American market. A particular focus involves the development of brownfield solar farms.

Categories | Keywords: 2012, Academy of Distinguished Engineers

Published: 2018-11-13


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