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Year Inducted / Awarded: 2016

Member Award: Academy of Distinguished Engineers

Chris Ecsedy is the Senior Vice President of Energy and Facilities at Fuss & O’Neill, where he has worked for the past 24 years. A graduate of the University of Connecticut, Chris holds both a B.S. in Civil Engineering (1988), as well as an M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering (1990). He chose a career in environmental engineering because of his love of the outdoors and passion for preserving the environment. Chris strongly believes that we can achieve a balance between a healthy environment and a strong economy. Helping businesses address environmental issues and implement sustainable solutions fits this belief and gives him a sense of accomplishment from both a professional and personal standpoint. As a Professional Engineer and Connecticut Licensed Environmental Professional, he has extensive experience in environmental engineering, industrial wastewater management, and industrial waste management. He oversees a team of structural, mechanical, electrical, and environmental engineers who work on a diverse range of complex projects. In addition to his work at Fuss & O’Neill, Chris has served on the Connecticut Business and Industry Association’s Environmental Policies Council steering committee, providing guidance on environmental and energy issues that affect the area’s businesses and industries.

Categories | Keywords: 2016, Academy of Distinguished Engineers

Published: 2018-11-12