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UConn & SoE Logos and Usage

Logo Usage

Camera-ready reproduction art and electronic (Adobe Illustrator EPS) files are available for School of Engineering art on this page. When reproducing a logo for any purpose, it is essential that you use only the authorized reproduction art or authorized electronic files. Do not use third-generation art of any kind for reproduction purposes. These logos may be used with various software programs such as, Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, and Adobe PhotoShop.

One-Color Reproduction

The permitted one-color versions of the logo are UConn Navy Blue (or PANTONE 281) and Black. Except for special print techniques, these are the only colors which may be used to print a logo in one color.

Two-Color and Four-Color Reproduction

The permitted two-color print version of the logo is: symbol – UConn Navy Blue (or PANTONE® 281), logotype – UConn Gray (or PANTONE Cool Gray 9). Except for special print techniques, these are the only colors which may be used to print a logo in two colors. The four-color process equivalent for UConn Navy Blue is 100% Cyan, 72% Magenta and 38% Black. For UConn Gray it is 60% screen of Black.

Special Print Techniques

The entire logo may be engraved, blind embossed or metal foil stamped. Or the symbol may be engraved, blind embossed or metal foil stamped – with the logotype printed in UConn Navy Blue, UConn Gray or Black.

To produce the logo on a dark background, it should be reversed out of the background. The logo may be reversed out of any solid color, screen of color, textured, illustrative or photographic background that is dark enough to provide sufficient contrast for clarity and legibility.

To create a supplemental signature:

  • Use only the official Adobe Garamond typeface in Roman. (Use upper and lower case or all upper case letters.)
  • Choose a type size that is close to the size of the type in the signature.
  • Adjust the type size, letterspacing and number of words per line so that the supplemental name is the same width as the rule.
  • If equal length lines are not possible, align all typography to the right, the left, or center.

Download Logos

For more information check out the UConn brand website.

Contact Chris LaRosa for further assistance if needed (860) 486-5464 or larosa@engr.uconn.edu.

Webmasters should review the Web-Only Standards page for additional graphic standards.