SPR Example
Software accompaniment to
Yufeng Wu, A practical method for exact computation of subtree prune and regraft distance, Bioinformatics, v.25, pp. 190-196, 2009.

SPRDist is a program that takes two binary phylogenetic trees and computes the smallest number of subtree-prune-and-regraft (SPR) operations that transfrom one tree to the other. See the above figure for a very simple example of SPR. Note that when two trees are large and different, it is not easy to find the optimal SPR operations for the two trees. And that is the problem SPRDist is designed to solve.

Note: Files can be downloaded using "Save Link/Target As..." After downloading the softwares, you may need to change file access permissions (e.g. chmod u+x RecBlock). Source code is available upon request .

Current version: v. 1.0.2.
Source code available upon request.