Building PIRN from Source Code

First, download the source code and de-compress into a proper directory.
PIRN uses integer linear programming (ILP) solvers. You have two options.

By default (if you just type "make"), PIRN will build with GNU GLPK.
In this case, you need to get GLPK from here.
I used version 4.34.
So select v.4.34 and download the file.
Now follow the installation guide of GLPK
to build GLPK on your machine. After it is done (by typing ./configure and build I believe),
look for the build GLPK callable library (for v.4.34, it is called libglpk.a, and is under
glpk-4.34/src/.libs. Now copy this file (under src directory) along with the include directory
into a directory under the soure code directory of PIRN. That is, suppose the PIRN's main
code directory is pirn. Then, you need to put GLPK library (or create a symboikc link)
pirn/glpk-4.34 (with libglpk.a under pirn/glpk-4.34/src,
and header files under pirn/glpk-4.34/include). Look at the Makefile to see how GLPK is used.
Then simply type make.

If you have CPLEX, you can also compile with CPLEX. To compile with CPLEX,
you will need to modify the path settings in the Makefile to point to the directory
where CPLEX is installed in your machine. Check the Makefile to see where CPLEX
is referenced (near the begining). Then, type "make CPLEX".