Old Software

SPRDist                Software accompaniment for "A Practical Method for Exact Computation of Subtree Prune and Regraft Distance" (link) ,
                                      published in Bioinformatics.

TMARG                Software accompaniment
for my RECOMB 2007 paper.
RecBlock           Software accompaniment for our CPM 2007 paper.

GRMin is accompaniment  for our CSB 2006 paper. GRMin computes lower bound on minimum recombination on genotypes (rather than haplotypes), while HapBound only allows haplotype input. Moreover, GRMin also provides functionality of computing the exact minimum recombination for a window of data and detecting recombination hotspots. (Available upon request.)

HapBound              I wrote HapBound as accompaniment to our ISMB 2005 paper. To the best of knowledge, this is the currently best program computing lower bound on minimum number of recombinations for population-scale haplotype data.

HapBound-GC       I wrote this extension of HapBound as accompaniment to our RECOMB 2006 paper. This program is the first program computing lower bound allowing gene conversions in addition to recombinations for haplotype data.