CSE 4939W - Spring 2011

Yufeng Wu

This course is project oriented. Roughly, during the first few days of the course,
we will collect ideas from the class and evaluate these proposals together;
then you will be broken into groups of 2 to 3 students each; you and your group will
undertake a large-scale development project, due at the end of the semester.
You'll be responsible for a project proposal, a design report,
a final project report, documented source code, peer evaluation, and a
20 minute presentation to your peers (and the instructor).
Each of these items will be described in detail on the HuskyCT page for the course.

We will use the class web site as the principal means of communication for 4939W.
You will use it to hand it your assignments and receive grades for your work.

W Course writing requirements. CSE 4939w is a UCONN W course,
requiring that each student submits 15 pages of revised work during the semester.
Written work is expected to have 1 in. margins, 12 point font, and single spacing.
To meet this requirement, several of the course deliverables will be submitted twice,
the second submission as a revision based on feedback. Changes in revised work
must be clearly marked by using, for example, the "track changes" feature of Microsoft Word.
All documents must be submitted in .pdf format in HuskyCT.
Each group must submit their work as a single document.

Grading.  Grades will be determined according to the following criteria:
   1. 35%: Written course deliverables and revisions (Project proposal,
Status report, Design report, Documentation, Final project report).
   2. 35%: Final project technical assessment.
   3. 30%: Final presentation, participation and peer evaluation.

Version control. Unless you make other arrangements with the teaching staff,
you will be expected to use subversion for software version control. You may have
had some experience with subversion before. If not, follow these suggestions.
To get started, read Chapters 1 and 2 of Version control with Subversion,
an excellent free book on subversion. Subversion's client-server architecture
will require that you have the subversion server installed on a machine to
which all members of your group have network access.
We recommend that you use the School of Engineering machine, fester.engr.uconn.edu,
on which subversion is installed and ready to roll.