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University of Connecticut School of Engineering Vi Q. Ha


IMPETUS VR – Immersive Virtual Reality Environment for IMPETUS Simulations

IMPETUS - VR is current under developement and being prepared for publication. More content available soon!

IMPETUS – Interactive MultiPhysics EnvironmenT for Unified Simulations

an object oriented, easy-to-use, high performance, C++ program for three-dimensional simulations of complex physical systems that can benefit a large variety of research areas, especially in cell mechanics. The program implements cross-communication between locally interacting particles and continuum models residing in the same physical space while a network facilitates long-range particle interactions. Message Passing Interface is used for inter-processor communication for all simulations.

MD-R - Molecular Dynamics library for Repast

The MD-R toolkit provides a three-dimensional continuous space projection and a large set of short-range molecular dynamics (MD) tools for the Agent-based modeling toolkit Repast HPC.