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University of Connecticut School of Engineering Vi Q. Ha

IMPETUS VR – Viewing simulation screenshot in 360

Instructions: Use your mouses to drag on the figures to pan it in 360, or you may view it in VR mode on your phone.

1. Leonard-Jones

Particle simulation based on the Lennard-Jones pair potential in a canonical ensemble.

2. Lipid Bilayer

Solvent-free model of a phospholipid bilayer.

3. Spectrin:

Simulation of a spectrin network which corresponds to the cytoskeleton connected to the red blood cell membrane.

4. Chemotaxis:

Model of the interaction between cranial neural crest and cranial placode cells during collective cell migration.

5. Confocal:

Representation of a 102 μm x 102 μm x 19 μm confocal microscopy image of a kidney mouse section where the red color represents actin and the blue color the nuclei.