Edited Monograph

Mathematics in Industy -- Challenges and Frontiers, 20003.
Editors: D. R. Ferguson and T. J. Peters
SIAM, 2005. ISBN 0-89871-598-9

T. J. Peters is a co-author of a chapter in above monograph.

Edited Monograph

Mathematics in Industy -- Challenges and Frontiers, 20009.
Editors: D. A. Field and T. J. Peters
SIAM, 2009, ISBN: 978-0-898719-34-5, www.siam.org/proceedings/industry/2009/mi09.php

D. A. Field and T. J. Peters co-authored the preface, The Art of Mathematics for Industry.

Selected Publications on Topology in Animation & Visualization and on Computational Topology

Visual Experiments of Geometric Combinatorics for Neural Stem Cells and Their Derivatives.
T. J. Peters, J. Conover, D. McManus, K. Pratt, K. D. Williams
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K. E. Jordan, J. Li, T. J. Peters and J. A. Roulier
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Topological Integrity for Dynamic Spline Models During Visualization of Big Data.
H. P. Cassidy, T. J. Peters, H. Ilies, K. E. Jordan
in Topological Methods in Data Analysis and Visualization III,
Editors: Bremer, P.-T., Hotz, I., Pascucci, V., Peikert, R.
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Isotopic Convergence Theorem.
J. Li, T. J. Peters
Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications, March 2013,
DOI: 10.1142/S0218216513500120

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Unknots with highly knotted control polygons,
J. Bisceglio, T. J. Peters, and J. A. Roulier, C. H. Sequin,
Computer Aided Geometric Design, 28 (3), 2011, 212 - 214.
pre-print posted here, with final version available at CAGD cited source.

Geometric Topology & Visualizing 1-Manifolds,
K. E. Jordan, L. Miller, T. J. Peters, and A. C. Russell,
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Computational topology for geometric design and molecular design,
Mathematics in Industy -- Challenges and Frontiers, 20003.
E. L. F. Moore and T.J. Peters,
Editors: D. R. Ferguson and T. J. Peters
Chapter in above monograph, SIAM, 2005. ISSBN 0 -89871-598-9

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Any Interesting Related Reference

Economic Report on Interoperability for CAD ,
Research Triangle Park and NIST,
Technical Report, citing billion dollar loss annually.