Trustable Computing Systems


            ECE 4095: Trustable Computing Systems, 3 Credits

            Time: Wed (11am-12pm), Fri (11am-1pm)

            Room: ITE 125




                   John A. Chandy                                Zhijie Shi                                    Mohammad Tehranipoor

                   ITEB 437                                          ITEB365                                    ITEB 441

                   860-486-5047                                   860-486-0599                             860-486-3471




TA: Ujjwal Guin


Website: HuskyCT


Course Description:     


Three Credits. Prerequisite: CSE 2300 and ECE 2001W; ECE 3401 which may be taken concurrently. This course provides an introduction to trustable computing and hardware security, primarily intended for undergraduate students.  This course will include hands-on approaches to hardware security attacks.  Topics include side channel attacks, differential power analysis, hardware Trojans design, acoustic analysis, EM logging, and DRAM data remenance.


Lecture Notes:


·        Course Syllabus

1.     Introduction

2.     Advanced Encryption Standards

3.     Side Channel Attack: Power Analysis

4.     Correlation Power Analysis

5.     Introduction to HDLs, FPGAs, and Xilinx tools

6.     Introduction to the Hardware Trojan Problem

7.     Hardware Trojan Detection


Lab Modules:


1.     Memory Remanence

2.     Keyboard Acoustic Emanations

3.     Disk Analysis

4.     DPA on AES-128

5.     CPA on AES-128

6.     Introduction to the Xilinx Design Flow

7.   Hardware Trojan Insertion





o   M. Tehranipoor and C. Wang, “Introduction to Hardware Security and Trust”, Springer, August 2011.