Digital Systems Design


            ECE 3401: Digital Systems Design, 3 Credits

            Time: Tue & Thu (11:00am-12:15pm)

            Room: ITE 127



Dr. Mark (Mohammad) Tehranipoor

Office: ITE 441

Phone: 860-486-3471

Email: tehrani at engr dot uconn dot edu


Office hours: Tuesday 1-2pm or by appointment


Qihang Shi, PhD Student

Tel: 860-486-5274, ITEB 427


Office Hours: T 3-4pm @ ITE 430


Acknowledgement: Thanks to Prof. Yunsi Fei of Northeastern University for sharing her slides.


Course Description:

Design and evaluation of control and data structures for digital systems. Hardware design languages are used to describe and design both behavioral and register transfer level architectures and control units with a microprogramming emphasis. Cover basic computer architecture, memories, digital interfacing, timing and synchronization, and microprocessor systems. (three credits) 


  Course Syllabus

1.        Introduction

2.        Digital Systems Design Fundamentals

3.        Combinational Logic Design

4.        Introduction to HDL

5.        Basic VHDL Modeling

6.        VHDL Behavioral Modeling & Concurrent Statements

7.        Concurrent Statements & Sequential Statements

8.        Sequential Statements

9.        VHDL for Arithmetic Functions and Circuits

10.     More on VHDL

11.     Sequential Circuits (I)

12.     Sequential Circuits (II)

13.     Sequential Circuits and Datapath and Control Units (I)

14.     Datapath and Control Units (II)

15.     ACM-based Datapath/Control Design

16.     Alternative ASM Design and Memory & Timing Issues

17.     Memory and Timing Issues & Microprogramming (I)

18.     Microprogramming (I)

19.     Microprogramming (II)

20.     Microprogramming (III)

21.     Instruction Set Architecture

22.     Instruction Set Architecture (II)

23.     Pipeline Design

24.     Pipeline Design (II)

25.     Review




1. Digital Systems Design Using VHDL by Charles H. Roth, Jr. and Lizy Kurian John, 2nd Edition, Thomson

2. The Student's Guide to VHDL by Peter J. Ashenden, Morgan Kaufmann