ECE 6094: Computer Engineering Seminar

Wed. 1-2pm, ITE119

Spring 2009





Friday, Jan 23 Christof Paar, University Bochum, Germany The Next 10 Years of IT Security: Product Piracy, BMWs and Burglars


Wed, Jan 28  No Talk scheduled  


Wed, Feb. 4 Junxia Ma, PhD Student, ECE Department Identification of Hot-Spots in Integrated Circuits by Analyzing Power Distribution Network


Friday, Feb. 13 Jeff Roehr, MediaTek Statistical Test Overview and Applications


Wed. Feb. 18 No Talks is scheduled  


Friday, Feb. 27 Guido Poncia, UTRC  


Wed. March 4 Sumit Narayan High Performance Computing and Parallel File Systems


Wed. March 18 Justin Neumann BECAT Supercomputer


Wed. March 25 Jianwei Dai, PhD Student, ECE Department A Highly Configurable Cache Architecture for Embedded Systems


Friday April 3 Wei Qin, Boston University Lyra: A Concurrent Model to Bridge Transaction Level Modeling and RTL Implementation  
Wed April 8 Ke Peng, PhD Student, ECE Department High Quality Pattern Selection for Small Delay Defects  
Friday April 17 Dr. Jinjun Xiong, IBM TJ Watson Research Center Analytical Computation of Order Statistics & its Application for At-speed Testing  
Wed. April 23 Michel Wang, PhD Student, ECE Department On-chip Path Delay Measurement  



Fall 2008






Wed, Sep 3

Prof. John Chandy

Associate Prof.,

ECE Dept., UConn

Tips on Giving Research Presentations


Wed, Sep 12

Dr. Yu Huang

Mentor Graphics

Yield and Diagnosis


Wed, Sep 17

Ahmed Ebaid

PhD Student

CSE Dept., UConn

A Robust Spanning Tree Topology for Data Collection in Sensor Networks


Fri, Sep 24

Mehdi Tahoori

Assistant Professor

Northeastern University

Defect and Fault Tolerance in Next Generation Nano-Architectures


Wed, Oct 1

Jeremy Lee

PhD Student

ECE Dept., UConn

Inducing Maximum Crosstalk Effects on Delay-Sensitive Paths in Integrated Circuits


Wed, Oct 8

Farid Farahmand

Assistant Professor

Central Connecticut State University

Delay Tolerant Networks: Challenges and Applications


Wed, Oct 15

Tilman Wolf

Associate Professor

Univ. of Massachusetts Amherst

Secure Processing in Embedded Systems


Wed, Oct 22

Weiguo Tang

PhD Student

ECE Dept., UConn

A DSP Nanosystem with Defect Tolerance


Wed, Oct 29

Jianwei Dai

PhD Student

ECE Dept., UConn



Wed, Nov 5

Muaad Abu-Faraj

PhD Student

CSE Dept.

Efficient Rijndael Encryption Implementation with Composite Field Arithmetic


Wed, Nov 12


Wed, Nov 19


Wed, Nov 26

Wed, Dec 3

Mahmoud El-Maghraby

PhD Student

CSE Dept.

A New Task Graph Model for Mapping Message Passing Applications


Dec 5



Last Day of Classes