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Distributed Role-Based Security System - The Software

The software was initially created by Haiying Ren (Completed Master Student) in 1999. Since that first version, teams of graduate students have continued to develop, enhance, and solidify the software. Currently, the software comes neatly and requires Java 1.2.2 or later (Java 1.3.0 is recommended), Oracle 8.1.7, Visibroker for Java 4.5 and JINI 1.1. The jar file, along with a set of DOS batch files to start the application, is zipped into a downloadable file, which must be unzipped to work.

This software consists of following components: CORBA and JINI Lookup Service, Global Clock Server, Security Server, Security Clients (Security Policy Client and Security Authorization Client), Patient DB Server, Patient DB Client, University DB Server and University DB Client.

Here is the instruction on how to set up the system.

Here is the instruction on how to run the system.

Global Clock Server is a common resource used to make sure database entries are entered in the proper sequence in a distributed environment, which is subtle to time-constraints access.

Security Server provides security services, including Security Policy Services, Security Authorization Services, Security Registration Services.

Security Policy Client enables the security officer to manage user roles by granting/revoking privileges (resources, services, and/or methods) to user roles, and to support introspection of defined security privileges.

Security Authorization Client enables the security officer to authorize roles to an end user.

Patient DB Server is Patient DB Resource.

Patient DB Client is Patient Resource client.

University DB Server is University DB resource

University DB Client is University DB resource client.

Before using any services, one must do authentication first as follows.

Last Modified: 29 Aug 2001