Instruction on how to setup the system


Software Requirements 

        OS: Linux, NT

        CORBA: Visibroker for JAVA 4.5

        JINI: JINI 1.1

        JAVA 1.2.2 or later version

        Oracle 8.1.7


Hardware Requirements

        Pentium II or higher

        64M RAM or higher 

CORBA Installation

        Download Visibroker for JAVA 4.5 from

        Install Visibroker for JAVA 4.5  

JINI Installation

        Download JINI from

        Install JINI


JAVA Installation

        Download Java 1.3 from

        Install Java 1.3


Oracle Installation

        Download Oracle 8.1.7 from

        Install Oracle 8.1.7 in Linux

        Download Oracle driver for JAVA:


Security System Installation

       unzip the zip file. Once you've unzipped the file, you should have the following items in addition to the zip file itself:

Batch files

A set of batch files that are used to run the system.


The directory that contains executable java classes.


The directory where the libraries locates.


The directory that contains policy file for the Jini technology-enabled services.