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Distributed Security System Project

The Distributed Security System Project, DSEC, is an ongoing research and development effort that is exploring a model and enforcement framework for supporting selective access of clients to resources in a distributed client/services model. DSEC currently supports both discretionary access control, DAC, and mandatory access control, MAC, with an integrated model. This webpage serves as a springboard for the research and development into this project. Follow the appropriate links to learn more about the introductory concepts, the underlying theory, the developed software.

The Players

This DSEC Project is an effort led by Prof. Steven A. Demurjian (Computer Science & Engineering Department at UConn) under the supervision of Lt. Col. Charles Phillips (Ph.D. Student in Computer Science & Engineering Department  at UCONN) . Currently, the MS students working on the project are Fei Gao, Dan Wang, Jin Ma, Hui Wang, and Hong Yan.

The Concept

What is the Distributed Security System Project? How does it contribute to the production of an enforcement framework for distributed role security? These web pages explains the purpose of Distributed Security System.

The Theory

What theories underlie DSEC? How is DAC and MAC realized? These web pages explains the principles and research behind DSEC's functionality, and provides a link to numerous research documents and presentations on DSEC.

The Software

How does the software work? Is it available for use? These web pages provide step-by-step instructions for downloading, installing, and executing the software, along with images demonstrating its power and functionality.

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