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Design Reuse Evaluations (DRE) - The Tool

The DRE Tool was initially created by Margie Price as part of the work for her dissertation in 1996. Since that first version, teams of undergraduate and graduate students have continued to develop, enhance, and solidify the DRE tool. Currently in version 2.05, the tool comes neatly packaged in a Java jar file and requires a Java Runtime Engine of version 1.4.0 or later.

Two versions of the tool exist. The original, standalone DRE allows a user to measure the software reusability of his own Java code in the manner explained by the rest of the web site. The second version, dubbed Collaborative DRE, follows a client/server architecture to allow a team of programmers to cooperate when deciding upon reuse characteristics and measuring reuse potential. Both applications use the same base code and can be downloaded for use from the DRE Download page.

Presented here are detailed installation/configuration and operation instructions. To fully ensure that DRE works on your system, please read and understand these directions before beginning installation. The workstation-only version of DRE is easier to work with than the Collaborative DRE; we suggest you download and install this version of the code first.

If you run into any problems while installing the DRE software, please send a note to the DRE Development Team; we will be happy to assist you in getting the DRE up-and-running.

Last Modified: 17 July 2002