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The Design Reuse Evaluation (DRE) Project

The Design Reuse Evaluations project produces a paradigm for producing reusable software classes in object-oriented programming. This page serves as a springboard for the research and development into the DRE project. Follow the appropriate links to learn more about the introductory concept, the underlying theory, the developed tool, and the metrics extensions into the Together Control Center.

The Players

The DRE Project is an effort led by Prof. Steven A. Demurjian (Computer Science & Engineering Department at UConn) in cooperation with Prof. Donald Needham (Computer Science Department at USNA) and funded by the Electric Boat Corporation (Project Manager Dr. Thomas Rando, Project Participants Dr. Thomas Daggett and Dr. Margie Price). Funding information as follows: "Reusability Analysis Framework for Shipbuilding Components Modeled in EXPRESS, XML, and Java", Electric Boat, Inc., Groton, CT, $99,502. PI: S. Demurjian; Co-PI: D. Needham, USNA. June 1, 2000 to May 30, 2002.

The Concept

What is DRE? How does it contribute to the production of reusable software code? The Concept explains the purpose of DRE in the software creation lifecycle.

The Theory

What theories underlie DRE? How are reuse measurements assessed? The Theory explains the principles and research behind DRE's functionality, and provides a link to the initial research documents that spawned the DRE.

The Tool

How does the tool work? Is the DRE tool available for use? The Tool provides step-by-step instructions for running the DRE, along with images demonstrating its power and functionality.

DRE is available for download use. Visit the Download page to get the latest version.

Together Control Center Plug-In

How are the DRE reuse metrics incorporated into Together Control Center? Control Center is a product that measures and analyzes software code. Our own research has begun to implement DRE into the tool as a plug-in. TCC Plug-In documents this effort.

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