Minutes for 8-Feb-2000 @ 4:00 PM Meeting

New Business

The group discussed their own sections and got feedback and help from the other members.

Andrew went over his use of OMT, where there are actors and use cases. He decided to break up Station Manager into a Station Manager that oversees routes and knows the train information and an Admin person that will take care of the IT part of administration.

The roles we decided on:

  • Customer
  • Station Master
  • Admin
  • Conductor
  • Sales
  • Mechanic

It was decided that we will have two cards for the users. One, a temporary card, will be a debit card that can put a few dollars (or rides or whatever unit we use) on it. This card will not be tied to a user account. A more permanent card will be tied to one customer, so that when they take a ride on a train, it automatically bills their credit card that is linked to it (like the Mobil Speedpass).

The two maps we will be using in the displays depend on if the customer or station master is viewing them. On the map the customer is using, we will try to show how many cabs, buses, etc. are waiting outside the station.

We drew up a chart that explains the access each person will have to the various databases and functions of the system.


Same as last meeting (keep working on Project 2).

Roles, Database, and Interactions A table specifying what access to each database the different user roles have.