Minutes for 3-Feb-2000 @ 4:00 PM Meeting

New Business

During the presentation, the only piece of new feedback we got from Prof. Demurjian was to allow the user to purchase and print tickets from home (from a browser).

We need to get major subway and train terms to include in the glossary. We can look at some web sites (like the Boston T site) to get these terms.

Craig was introduced into the group and brought up to speed on our project.


Write the glossery for their own section.

Valter Borges
Write the section for Operating Environment. Collaborate with Ryan.

Craig Burges
Write sections for Parallelism and Concurrent Engineering

Ryan Connelly
Write the section for Performance. Collaborate with Valter.

Russ LeJeune
Write the section for Data Interfaces. Collaborate with Andrew.

Steven Li
Write the Information section. Collaborate with Andrew.

Andrew Miner
Write the User Interfaces section. Collaborate with Russ & Steven.

Yan Wu
Write the Security Section.