Minutes for 1-Feb-2000 @ 4:00 PM Meeting

New Business

Organizational Positions:

  • Valter Borges - Presentor
  • Ryan Connelly - Social Director
  • Russ LeJeune - Editor
  • Steven Li - Editor
  • Andrew Miner - Secretary
  • Yan Wu - Coordinator

Discussion of feedback:

  • we want coordination with other mass transit systems, eg. taxis buses, rental cars
  • need security monitoring as well as saftey monitoring
  • Steve suggested looking at web sites (or other places to find info) on other subway systems, like the Boston T
  • link a person's subway card to a credit card in order to bill them
  • offering unlimited rides vs. per usage charging
  • offering customers the option to buy in advance, possibly from web
  • keep demographic data
  • have traffic indicators (three levels or something similar) to denote station traffic
  • have maps to direct people to avoid traffic, to get to other kiosks, or to get to emergency help
  • at the information kiosks, allow the user to see only the information they want, i.e. have some sort of customization for them
  • we want to monitor every aspect of the subway - from the time the customer enters to the time they leave - and alert immediately when problems arise
  • use tickers (like simulate a big board in the station by having an applet in a browser)
  • users will get maps of station, general train positions; station masters get map of all rails - much more detailed

We discussed how to find out how many are in the station as opposed to the train. We will know this by when and where they are swiping their cards (these are our bottlenecks).


  • Valter Borges: Prepare slides due on 3-Feb-2000 @ 4:00PM
  • Ryan Connelly: Prepare minutes and send to Yan.
  • Russ LeJeune: Assist Valter with the preparation of the slides.
  • Steven Li: None
  • Andrew Miner: Convert minutes to HTML and place them on the web. Computerize the diagram produced at the meeting.
  • Yan Wu: Receive minutes from Ryan, and forward them to the rest of the group.

Initial Project Spec. The initial project specification (also assignment one)
Initial Project Spec. Feedback Prof. Demurjian's comments regarding the above