Prof. Demurjian's Feedback to Red Team's Preliminary Project Specification

Hi All,

Overall, this is a good proposal, but I think you might want to be more creative and futuristic regarding some of the other potential capabilities. What you have is a solid core, below are some suggestions to expand that core. Remember, you can specify a system that is more robust and has more capabilities than you would ever implement. Here are some other suggestions and comments for expanding your scope:

  1. A big part of submay monitoring is moving people, especially those arriving on one train at one platform that need to get to another train at another platform. How can you system be extended to facilitate this? Are there people movers (escalators, horizontal, elevators) that are coordinatable to allow passengers to easily move from their current train to their desired train? What can you think of to support this?
  2. Will the client interface for the station manager have a graphical display showing the routes, trains, loading on each train, etc.?
  3. Will statistics on passenger usage be automatically tracked as passengers enter the subway via gates, board trains, leave trains, etc.? Do passengers have credit card like passes that they use to enter?
  4. In some systems, like the Boston T, there are links from the subways of Boston to suburbs. There are various lines (orange, red, green, etc.) that provide outlying service to suburbs. Also, some of the lines terminate and change to bus service, but are all part of the overall transit system. Again, in the spec I'd like you to consider these issues, even if they are never implemented down the road.
  5. A truly futuristic service would allow passengers disembarking at a particular station to have a taxi or limo automatically waiting for them when they go above ground. How would such a system work? What external databases would it need to link to?
  6. Don't forget to consider external database access to allow passengers to buy tickets from the web. In addition to a web-based interface (embedded in a browser), your client interface for end users would need to interact with credit and debit card services.

That's what I have so far - please consider these issues as part of your overall presentation on Thursday and spec due next week.


Red Team's Preliminary Project Specification Our initial project specification.