Group Organization

The Coordinator would be responsible for being a center-point for e-mail communications which affect the entire group. This would include announcing: meeting times, web page updates, communication to and from Prof. Demurjian, etc. This person would also be responsible for archiving the e-mail sent by the various members of the group for future reference.

Editor (2 positions)
The Editors would be responsible for assembling the data from the various members of the group into single coherent document. This includes: making sure that all documents are grammatically correct; have a common, neat format; and include all necessary information.

The Presentor would be responsible for preparing the slides and leading the presentations for the group.

The Secretary would be responsible for maintaining the documents, etc. which are generated by the group. This includes maintaining the web page, and physically storing the documents.

Social Director
The Social Director would be responsible for finding both time and place for group meetings which are satisfactory to all members of the group, as well as creating both the agenda and minutes from each meeting. This position would also include generating whatever printouts are needed for meetings (i.e. minutes & agenda), and collecting monies for group expenses.