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addListener(ObjectMailListener). Method in class
Adds an ObjectMailListener to the listeners for this ObjectMailer


finalize(). Method in class
cleans up the object before deletion
finish(). Method in class
Discontinues the execution of the thread.


objectMailArrived(Object). Method in interface
ObjectMailArrived is called when an ObjectMailReceiver determines that an Object has arrived.
ObjectMailer(). Constructor for class
Creates a new ObjectMailer which uses a random port for sending and receiving messages.
ObjectMailer(int). Constructor for class
Creates an ObjectMailer which uses the specified port for communication.
ObjectTooLargeException(). Constructor for class


removeListener(ObjectMailListener). Method in class
Removes a listener from the list of listeners
run(). Method in class
Listens for incoming mail and delivers it to any registered ObjectMailListeners.


send(Object, String, int). Method in class
Sends an Object