Code The source code for the final implementation of the project.
Various Handler UML Diagrams By: Steven Li & Valter Borges
Map Generation UML Diagrams The UML class diagrams describing the classes in the map generation module.
Table Relationships The complete table relationship diagram for the system.
ER Diagrams The ER diagrams describing the system.
Project Specification Rev. 2 The second revision of the project spec., also the first full specification. Turned in as Assignment II.
Databases, Roles, and Interactions The database, roles, and their interactions as discussed in the meeting of 8-Feb-2000 @ 4:00PM.
Presentation 1 Presentation given on 3-Feb-2000 @ 4:00PM (Deliverable #2).
Group Organization Describes the positions within the group and the duties associated with each.
Prof. Demurjian's Feedback #1 Prof. Demurjian's feedback with regard to our initial project spec.
Initial Project Specification Our formal write-up of our initial specs. Assignment #1, due 31-Jan-2000.
systemoverview.gif This graphic describes the overall layout of the system.