Project 1 (01/31/2000)


            The project we propose to work on is a Course Scheduler/Course Registration System.  This course registration system distinguishes itself from the current UConn registration system, being more user friendly than the current system.  It will be accessible using the internet, and will help the student by creating his/her schedule according to certain criteria entered by the student. 

Student User

            The scheduler will create a schedule for the student, based on: 1) time blocks favored by students; 2) classes chosen, with each class given a priority in case of conflicts; 3) class locations; and 4) courses already registered for (if any) by student.  If more than one schedule is possible with given criteria, then more than one schedule will be created, giving the student a choice.

The user then has the option to accept, resulting in the registration of the student in the courses on the created schedule.  The user also has the option to reject, in which case the student can then go on to choose an alternate schedule created, or try to create a new schedule according to different criteria.  If the student does not have the prerequisites for a given course, the course scheduler will not include the course while creating the schedule, and will also notify the student of this situation.  The student always has the option to create his/her own schedule, or to choose only a few of the courses created by the scheduler.  Again, if the student tries to register for a course with a time conflict, or without the proper prerequisites, the database will not be updated and the student will be notified of the situation.  Once the student accepts all, or only some of the courses created by the scheduler, the database is updated with the new changes. 

The student may look up the following information about courses being offered: 1) number of seats offered for the course; 2) number of seats available; 3) location of course being held; and 4) the course instructor.

The student will be able to search for various courses base on certain criteria.  The search will return a list of courses based on a search by: 1) subject; 2) title; 3) instructor.  If the student wishes to register for a course in the list returned by the search he/she simply clicks a button and the database is updated and the student is registered. 

Administrator User

            At any time, the administrator user may go in and access the database to find out certain information about the courses offered, raise or lower the amount of seats offered for a given course based on the department of the administrator.  The administrator may also add courses to the database for courses within his/her own department.  In addition to being able to view the same course information the student may view, the administrator may look up a list of the students currently registered for a given course. 

General System Setup

            There will be a screen refresh every 30 seconds, in order to have “real time data”.   There will also be a “tab” layout, for easy look up while not to cluttering the screen with too much information all at once, making it easy to find information quickly.  There will be a tab for searching for courses (searches based on 3 criteria discussed above), register for a specific course, create a schedule, and view current course status (which utilizes the 30 second refresh).  There will be additional tabs for an administrator, such as add a course, view course enrollment, and modify a course.


Project 1 (02/03/2000)


The following slides require Microsoft PowerPoint.

Course Scheduler

Database Schema

Map Option


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