Song Han

Assistant Professor
Computer Science and Engineering Department, University of Connecticut

Office:  ITE Building 355
Email: song dot han AT uconn dot edu

Guest Editor, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics (TII)

Associate Editor, ACM Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems (TCPS)

TPC Co-Chair, IEEE International Conference on Industrial Internet (ICII), 2019

Research areas: Industrial Internet-of-Things, Cyber-Physical Systems, Real-Time Data Analytics, Wireless Powered Communication

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Dr. Song Han's research interests include industrial Internet-of-Things, cyber-physical systems, embedded sensing and control systems, real-time data analytics, wireless networks and mobile computing. He received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin in 2012 under the supervision of Prof. Aloysius K. Mok and Prof. Simon S. Lam, and he joined the faculty at the University of Connecticut in 2013. He received UConn Research Excellence Award in 2015, and held the James C. Browne Graduate Fellowship in 2010 and the Microelectronics and Computer Development Fellowship in 2006-2009. Dr. Han has published over 100 scholarly works, including the Best Paper Award in RTSS 2013, the Best Paper Award in ICII 2018, the Best Paper Award Nomination in RTAS 2011 and the Best Paper Award Nomination in EMSOFT 2018.


SE5395: Capstone Projects - Embedded Systems

SE5303: Design Flows for Embedded/Networked Systems

SE5301: Embedded/Networked Systems Modeling Abstractions

CSE4300: Operating Systems

CSE3300: Computer Networks and Data Communications

CSE4709/CSE5095: Networked Embedded Systems

Current Research Projects

Cyberphysical Avatar: A human-supervised semi-autonomous robotic system to adjust to unstructured environments and perform physical tasks subject to critical timing constraints

Next-Gen Gait Rehabilitation System: A mobile assistive system to transform outpatient rehabilitation from a closed environment to an open, home or community environment

Real-Time Wireless Sensing and Control: Develop a configurable real-time high-speed wireless platform for large-scale cyber-physical sensing and control applications

Real-Time Sensor Data Management: Algorithm design and analysis for maintaining data freshness and control quality in distributed real-time sensing and control systems

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