BIGDATA: F: DKA: DKM: Novel Out-of-core and Parallel Algorithms for Processing Biological Big Data

This is a project funded by NSF (1447711). Specific major goals of our project are: 1) To develop out-of-core algorithms for fundamental problems in Biological Big Data (BBD) processing such as sorting, graph problems, data structures, sequence analysis, and clustering; 2) To develop out-of-core algorithms for macro-problems including de novo genome and metagenome assembly, variant calling, and split-read mapping; 3) To implement the out-of-core and parallel algorithms and develop a software library.


Start Date: September 1, 2014


Sanguthevar Rajasekaran (University of Connecticut)
Reda Ammar (University of Connecticut)
Jinbo Bi (University of Connecticut)
Joerg Graf (University of Connecticut)
Sartaj Sahni (University of Florida)
George Weinstock (Jackson Laboratory)
Yufeng Wu (University of Connecticut)





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