CSE 3500: Algorithms and Complexity

Spring 2014

Instructor: Mukul Bansal, 359 ITEB, mukul@engr.uconn.edu

Time and place: Tu-Th 11:00AM--12:15PM. LH 301.

Office Hours: Tu-We 3:30--5:00PM or by appointment.

Grader: Shaobo Zheng, shaobo.zheng@uconn.edu
Office Hours: Tu 4:00--5:00PM, ITEB 311.

Course Description

This is an undergraduate level course designed to introduce students to basic concepts in the design and analysis of algorithms. Topics covered in this course include basic concepts such running time analysis, sorting, and fundamental graph algorithms, and basic algorithm design techniques such as greedy algorithms, divide and conquer, and dynamic programming. We will also touch upon some advanced topics such as NP-completenes, and approximation and randomized algorithms.

Prerequisites: CSE 2100 and 2500

Textbook: The textbook for the course is "Introduction to Algorithms" (3rd edition) by T. Cormen, C. Leiserson, R. Rivest, and C. Stein, 2009. This may be supplemented by other material from various sources.

Grading: Grading will be based on 5 or 6 bi-weekly homework assignments (25%), two mid-term exams (20% + 20%) and a final exam (35%). All exams will be closed book.

Course policies: Homework solutions can be either hand written or printed/typed and must be turned in at the beginning of class on the due date (or earlier). Late submission is allowed, but at a penalty of 25% of the maximum grade per day. Students are expected to work on homework on their own and are required to write the solutions themselves. You are encouraged to seek help from the instructor or the TA whenever needed. If you consult any sources other than the course notes or the textbook, you are required to cite the source in your homework.

Homework Assignments


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