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Graduate Education

University of Connecticut  
University of Connecticut
School of Engineering

Jan 2010 to present
About   Perennially ranked the top public university in New England, the University of Connecticut now stands among the best public institutions in the nation. UConn’s main campus in Storrs is admitting the highest-achieving freshmen in University history. Student diversity continues to increase, as does the number of honors students, valedictorians and salutatorians who consistently make UConn their top choice. The University of Connecticut is a Carnegie Foundation Research University, lauded for breadth and range of research. More than 100 research centers and institutes serve UConn’s teaching, research, diversity, and outreach missions. Undergraduate, graduate, and faculty research at UConn drives business development and enhances quality of life. See more at the university website.  
Department   Mechanical Engineering  
Center   Computational Design Lab. (CDL) & Virtual Reality lab.  
Advisor   Prof. H. Ilies  
Focus   Computer-Aided Design & Engineering CAD/CAE, Geometric Modeling, Computer Graphics/Haptics - Learn more  
Program   M.Sc. & Ph.D.  in Mechanical Engineering, degree expected in Sep 2014  
Cum. GPA   4.08 out of 4.00 (A+)  

Undergrad Education 

University of Tehran  
University of Tehran
School of Engineering

Sep 2004 to Sep 2008
About   The University of Tehran is among the most prestigious in Iran, and is consistently selected as the first choice of many applicants in the annual nationwide entrance exam for top Iranian universities. Based on its historical, socio-cultural and political pedigree, as well as its research and teaching profile, UT has been nicknamed "The mother university of Iran". Rooted in Jondi Shapour University which goes back over 1,700 years, UT in its traditional form was established seven centuries ago. As a modern higher education institute, the University of Tehran in its current form was esteblished in 1928 by Prof. M. Hessabi. Nowadays it has 40 research centers and institutes, houses 111 bachelors degree programs, 177 masters degree programs, and 156 doctoral programs. See more at the university website.  
Department   Mechanical Engineering  
Center   Vehicle, Fuel & Environment Research Center (VFERI)  
Advisor   Prof. V. Esfahanian  
Focus (1)   Theoretical Aerodynamics, Sequential Conformal Transformation - Learn more  
Advisor   Eng. A. Hannaneh  
Focus (2)   Mechanism & Machine Theory, Kinematic Synthesis, Gear Design - Learn more  
Program   B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, degree received in Sep 2008  
Cum. GPA   17.60 out of 20 (A) Ranked 3rd in class of 2008  
Final year    18.67 out of 20 (A) Ranked 1st in class of 2008  

Pre-College Education

Young Scholars Club  
Young Scholars Club
16th National Physics Olympiads (NPhO'2003) preparation semester

Jun 2003 to Sep 2003
About   Young Scholars Club (YSC) is Iran's official center for selecting and educating qualified students for nationwide and worldwide Olympiads of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, and Astronomy. YSC works under direct supervision of National Education Ministry; every year 40 finalists are selected amongst thousands of qualified high school students through two successive levels of national exams, usually requiring college-level understanding of scientific concepts. The finalists are educated during an intensive summer preparation semester in YSC center by distinguished teachers and compete through several final exams for gold medal, privilege to entrance to any national university without even participating in national entrance exam, and representing the nation in worldwide Olympiads.  
Award   Silver Medal (ranked 2nd) in 16th National Physics Olympiads (NPhO'2003)  
    Also awarded 19.00 out of 20 (A+) for 8 credits of later university physics.  

Allameh Helli High School  
Allameh Helli High School
National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET)

Sep 2000 to Sep 2004
About   National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET) consisted of a nationwide network of middle and high schools in Iran developed specifically for the development of outstanding students. NODET was first established in 1976, re-established in 1987 and dissolved in 2010. Admission to NODET schools was selective and based on a comprehensive nationwide entrance examination procedure. Every year thousands of students applied to enter the schools, among which less than 5% were chosen for the 99 middle schools and 98 high schools within the country. Statistics show that most of NODET alumni has pursued higher education until post-graduate level, some of them now being world class leading researchers in Science, Engineering, and Medicine. See more at Wikipedia.  
Cum. GPA    19.51 out of 20 (A+) for high school, 19.94 out of 20 (A+) for pre-college  


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