CE 265 Hydraulic Engineering

Spring Semester, 1999


This course is suitable for senior-level undergraduates. It will be assumed that most students in this class have had only one previous course in fluids. Thus, the only prerequisite for this course is CE 297 Engineering Fluid Mechanics. For students who have not taken any entry level fluid mechanics course the instructor is willing to offer a few additional lectures, within the first two weeks of the course, to assist them in meeting the course objectives. The course consists of traditional lectures, in-class small group projects, and a computer-assisted take-home project with report. The project report will be graded both for correctness of the selected methodology and solution, and clarity of the presented material. Homework is assigned on Friday on the material discussed during the week. Completion of the assignments on time and independently is strongly recommended. Selected homework problems and those presenting greatest difficulty will be solved in class. You are expected to attend class and participate in discussions. Do not hesitate to seek assistance from the instructor!


After successful completion of this course you will be able to (1) apply the fundamental principles of Fluid Mechanics for the solution of practical Civil Engineering problems of water conveyance in pipes, pipe networks, open channels, and groundwater flow in porous media; (2) understand the implications of fluid statics and dynamics on the design of hydraulic structures; and (3) describe the operating characteristics of hydromachinery (pumps and turbines), and the factors affecting their operation and specifications.

TEXT: "Hydraulic Engineering," by Roberson, Cassidy, and Chaudhry, published by Wiley & Sons Inc., 2nd Ed., as a text.


There will be three examinations, I and II (100 points each) during the semester, and III (200 points, final) at the end of the semester. The course grade will be based on the performance in the examinations, homeworks, and take-home project, as following:

Examinations, (I + II + III) or (2*III) whichever is greater 400 points

Project: 20 points

Homework: 80 points


2pm MWF FLC 204


9-10am TuTh at FLC 328. At other times, call 486-6806.


Emmanouil N. Anagnostou, Ph.D.

FLC 328, 486-6806 (with voice mail), manos@engr.uconn.edu