CSE311 Seminars in Computer Engineering                                                                                         



Time and Location:       Wed. 11 am- 11:50 am, ITEB127



Organizing Faculty


Reda Ammar, Jun-Hong Cui, Swapna Gokhale, Ian Greenshields, Sholl Howard, Mohamed Kerasha, Lester Lispky



Course Description


This CSE Computer Engineering Seminar meets weekly. In each meeting, a presentation addressing the recent work or new research directions in the area of computer engineering will be given by a faculty member or a graduate student. Topics include networking, distributed systems, cluster and grid computing, system modeling and performance evaluation, etc. There are around 14 meetings in Spring semester, 2004.



Course Requirements


Students who take this seminar will receive 1 credit. Basis to pass this course follows:


  1. Attendance: 80% (11 out of 14, including the first organization meeting).
  2. Feedback about the presentation for each participated meeting. This is due by the Friday following the presentation.
  3. Participation in the discussion: students are encouraged to discuss technical issues with the presenter and other participants.



Presentation Schedule


Check the preliminary schedule here. Note that, this is subject to change.


Feedback Form


Fill out the feedback form, and turn in the form by the Friday following the presentation.