EDITORIAL BOARD, January 1, 2008




Professor N. Viswanadham, Term starts January 1, 2008

Clinical Professor of Business and

Executive Director, Center for Global Logistics and Manufacturing Strategies

Indian School of Business

Hyderabad 500032


P: 91-40-2318-7104



Primary Areas:  Global Manufacturing and Service Networks; Mathematical Methods and Algorithms for Design and Evaluation of Automation Systems; Automation Technologies; Trade Logistics, Manufacturing Automation in Emerging Economies

Secondary Areas: Logistics, Supply chain management




Professor Vijay Kumar, Editor, Review in September 2008

University of Pennsylvania

Mechanical Engineering

Philadelphia, PA  19104-6315

P: (215) 898-3630.  Department: 215-898-2770

F: (215) 573-2048




Primary Areas: Control/dynamics, and applications to manufacturing (especially assembly).

Secondary Areas:


Professor Deirdre R. Meldrum, Editor, Term ends May 2008

Dean, Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering

Arizona State University

P.O. Box 879309

Tempe, AZ  85287-9309

P: 480-965-9235

F: 480-965-8855



Primary Areas: Biotechnology automation, Microsystems

Secondary Areas: Healthcare automation & biochemistry


Professor Yadati Narahari, Editor, Review in September 2008

Indian Institute of Science

Department of Computer Science and Automation

Bangalore - 560 012


P: +91-80-309-2773, 2368

F: +91-80-334-1683, 2085



Primary Areas: Design of Smart Electronic Markets; Supply Chain Design and Optimization; and Modeling and Optimization of Factory and Enterprise Processes

Secondary Areas:


Professor Michael Yu Wang, Editor, Term ends May 2008

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering

Room 405, Mong Man Wai Building

Shatin, NT

Hong Kong

P: 011-852-2609-8487

F: 011-852-2603-6002



Primary Areas: Manufacturing automation (incl. design and assembly automation); Automation in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Fabrication and Screening; Automation in electronics and photonics packaging

Secondary Areas:




Mr. Amit Chakravarty

Indian School of Business

Hyderabad 500032






Professor Elif Akcali, Associate Editor, Checkpoint Review January 2009

Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

University of Florida

303 Weil Hall

PO Box 116595

Gainesville, FL 32611-6595

Phone: 352-392-1464 ext 2005

Fax: 352-392-3537



Primary Areas: Manufacturing and service operations management; Combinatorial and heuristic optimization; Simulation modeling and analysis; Reverse logistics system design and operation; Semiconductor and automotive manufacturing; Health care services.

Secondary Areas: ??


Professor Fumihito Arai, Associate Editor, Checkpoint Review January 2009

Department of Bioengineering and Robotics

Tohoku University

Aoba-Ku, Sendai, 980-8579


P: 022-795-6966

F: 022-795-6967



Areas of Expertise: Micro-Nano Robotics, Application of Micro-Nano Mechatronics to Biomedicine, Biochips and Micro-Nano Manipulation at Three-Dimensional Scales, Tailored Artificial Blood Vessels, Intelligent Robot Systems and Intellectual Interface, Sensors and Actuators using New Principles


Dr. Kumar Bhaskaran, Associate Editor, Checkpoint Review April 2008

Applied Business Computing & Design

PB 1233

Englewood Cliffs

NJ 07632

P: 201-606-1709

F: 215-689-1709



Primary Areas: Business Transformation; Supply Chain Management; Business Process Modeling, Real-time Monitoring & Performance Management; Business Integration & Process Automation Technologies; Model-driven technologies for business-IT alignment

Secondary areas: Software engineering, Logistics


Professor Shalabh Bhatnagar, Associate Editor, Checkpoint Review April 2008
Indian Institute of Science
Department of Computer Science and Automation
Bangalore 560 012, INDIA.
F: +91 (80) 2360-2911
P: +91 (80) 2293-2987


Primary Areas: Stochastic Control and Optimization, Reinforcement learning, Markov Decision Processes, Simulation and Perturbation Analysis, Communication Networks, Stochastic Algorithms, and Information theory.

Secondary Areas: Queueing Networks, Wireless Networks, Sensor Networks, Semiconductor manufacturing systems.


Professor Giuseppe Carlo Calafiore, Associate Editor, SMC Representative, Term ends August 2009

Politecnico di Torino

Dipartimento di Automatica e Informatica

Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 24

10129 Torino


P: 39-011-564-7071

F: 39-011-564-7099



Primary Areas: Randomized algorithms, Robust control, Convex optimization, LMIs,

Secondary Areas: Pattern recognition, Robotics, Queuing systems, Finance and economic systems


Professor Frank Chen, Associate Editor, Term ends June 2009

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Dept. of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management

Shatin, New Territories

Hong Kong

P: (852) 2609-8310

F: (852) 2603-5505



Primary Areas: Supply Chain Coordination; Supply Chain Modeling and Optimization; Inventory Control; Real Options and Operations Risk Hedging; Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management

Secondary Areas: Secondary Areas: Production Control; Logistics Network Design


Dr. Chen-Fu Chien, Associate Editor, Checkpoint Review January 2009

Deputy Director, Industrial Engineering Division

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)

Hsinchu 300, Taiwan


Department of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management

National Tsing Hua University

101 Section 2 Kuang Fu Road

Hsinchu 30013, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Phone: +886-3-5055604

Fax: +886-3-5722685



Primary Areas: Development of better analytical methods (MCDM, OR, and Statistics) and solutions (in terms of IT) for high-tech companies confronted with decision problems involved in operations, technology, and manufacturing strategy that are characterized by uncertain (incomplete or massive) information and a need for tradeoff among various objectives and justification for the decision.

Secondary Areas: Data mining and empirical modeling for yield enhancement, fault detection and classification, and digital decision support.


Professor Yon-Chun Chou, Associate Editor, Term ends January 2009

National Taiwan University

Graduate Institute of Industrial Engineering

1, Roosevelt Rd. Section 4

Taipei, Taiwan

P: 886-2-3366-9501

F: 886-2-2362-5856



Primary Areas: Design and planning problems in supply chains, manufacturing, and operation systems; Semiconductor manufacturing, capacity planning and investment, supply chain organization and economics, and logistic and service networks.

Secondary Area: Production and operation scheduling


Professor Yu Ding, Associate Editor, Term ends June 2009

Texas A&M University

Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

College Station, TX 77843-3131

P: 979-845-5448

F: 979-847-9005



Primary Areas: The optimal utilization of complex sensing systems for

improving the quality of products, processes, and services, including

information integration for multiple sensors, information quantification

of a sensing system, information extraction from measurement data, and

information system optimization

Secondary Areas: data-mining methods, statistical process control,

applied statistics


Dr. Lixin Dong, Associate Editor, Checkpoint Review January 2009

Senior Research Scientist

Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich

CLA H 11.2, ETH-Zentrum

Tannenstrasse 3, CH-8092 Zürich




P: 41 44 632 55 39

F: 41 44 632 10 78

Primary Areas: NanoRobotics, NanoElectroMechanical Systems (NEMS)

Secondary Areas: Mechatronics, Nanoscale Automation Science and Engineering


Professor Martin Fabian, Associate Editor, Checkpoint Review April 2008
Chalmers University of Technology
Department of Signals and Systems
SE-412 96 Göteborg
P: +46 (0)31 7723716
F: +46 (0)31 7721782



Primary Areas: Synthesis and verification of discrete event systems
control (mainly supervisory control theory approaches); Object oriented
modeling and analysis

Secondary Areas: Scheduling and optimization of discrete event systems, mainly focusing on production system (manufacturing, as well as batch processing)

Professor Maria Pia Fanti, Associate Editor, Term ends August 2008

Politecnico di Bari

Dipartimento di Elettrotecnica ed Elettronica

Via Re David 200 70125 BARI


P: +39-080-5963643

F: +39-080- 5963410



Primary Areas: Discrete event systems, Petri net and Colored Petri nets; Control and modeling of automated manufacturing systems; Control and modeling of computer integrated systems: Automatic guided vehicle systems, automated storage and retrieval systems, railway networks, urban traffic signals; Supply chain modeling and management.

Secondary Areas: Hybrid Systems; Fuzzy sets and Fuzzy Petri nets; Workflow nets; Structural properties of linear systems.


Professor Rafael Fierro, Associate Editor, Checkpoint Review January 2009

University of New Mexico

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

MSC01 1100

Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Phone: 505-277-4125



Primary Areas: Cooperative control, Hybrid systems, Multivehicle coordination, Distributed robot systems, Robotics

Secondary Areas: Agents and autonomous systems, Networked control systems, Mobile sensor networks, Learning and adaptive systems


Professor Paolo Fiorini, Associate Editor, Term extended to February 2008 

University of Verona

Department of Computer Science

Ca' Vignal 2, Strada le Grazie, 15

37134 Verona


P: (+39 045) 802-7963

F: (+39 045) 802-7068



Primary Area: Teleoperation; Mobile Manipulation; Safety and

Search Robots; Service Robotics, Home Automation and Domotics.

Secondary Area: Control System Theory, Intelligent Control, Robotic

Surgery, Robot Motion Planning.


Professor Zhiqiang Gao, Associate Editor, IA Representative, Checkpoint Review April 2008

Cleveland State University

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Cleveland, Ohio 44115

P: 216-687-3528

F: 216-687-5405



Primary Areas: Emerging Control Technologies and Applications in

Manufacturing Processes, Disturbance Estimation, Active Disturbance

Rejection, Control of Nonlinear, Time-Varying, and Uncertain Systems

in real world.

Secondary Areas: Industrial Servo Mechanisms, Decoupling Control of

Multi-Input and Multi-Output Systems, biomedical and aerospace applications.


Professor Debasish Ghose, Associate Editor, SMC Representative, Term ends August 2009

Indian Institute of Science

Department of Aerospace Engineering

Bangalore 560 012


P: +91-80-2293-3023, +91-80-2293-2878

F: +91-80-2360-0134, +91-80-2360-1279



Primary Areas: Guidance of aerospace vehicles, distributed computing, multi-agent systems, swarm intelligence and mobile robotics.

Secondary Areas: Dynamic game theory, scheduling policies, multimedia systems


Professor Yan-Bin Jia, Associate Editor, Checkpoint Review January 2009

Iowa State University

Department of Computer Science

207 Atanasoff Hall

Ames, IA 50011-1040

P: (515) 294-2577

F: (515) 294-0258



Primary Areas:  Modeling and grasping of deformable shapes, tactile shape

recognition and reconstruction, impulse-based manipulation and billiard robot,

geometric algorithms for curves and surfaces, localization and robot sensing,

dexterous manipulation.

Secondary Areas: Geometric modeling, computational geometry, model-based

recognition, nonlinear control and observation.


Dr. Adar Kalir, Associate Editor, Checkpoint Review April 2008
Intel Corporation

Tactical Team Leader and Manufacturing Technology Staff Engineer

Fab28 Manufacturing Engineering

Mailstop: OC2-254

Ocotillo, AZ 85248, USA

P: 480-715-3948

F: 480-715-4653



Primary Areas: Production management and control, capacity planning, design and control of advanced manufacturing systems, and in the applications of sequencing and scheduling theory.

Second Areas: Optimization, Cycle Time Management, Inspection and Quality Control


Professor Fikri Karaesmen, Associate Editor, Term ends January 2009

Koc University

Department of Industrial Engineering

Rumeli Feneri Yolu

34450 Sariyer, Istanbul


P: +90 (212) 338-1718

F: +90 (212) 338-1548



Areas: Design and analysis of supply chains and service systems using stochastic models.

Secondary Areas: Queueing Theory, Stochastic Control Applications


Dr. Sathiya S. Keerthi, Associate Editor, Term ends August 2008

Yahoo! Research Labs

2821 Mission College Blvd.

Santa Clara, CA 95054

P: (408) 349-8650

F: (626) 229-8876



Primary Areas: Scalable data mining and machine learning for Intelligent Search and Internet Automation such as electronic commerce, information markets, and community personalization.

Secondary Areas: Computer graphics and optimal control


Professor Eun Sok Kim, Associate Editor, Checkpoint Review January 2009

Department of EE-Electrophysics

University of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA 90089-0271

Phone: 213-740 – 4697



Primary Areas: Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), acoustic and piezoelectric transducers, microfluidic systems, etc.

Secondary Areas: Analog and nonlinear circuits, Device physics, Electromagnetic and Acoustic Fields and Waves


Professor A. Senthil Kumar, Associate Editor, Term ends January 2008

National University of Singapore

Department of Mechanical Engineering

10, Kent Ridge Crescent

Singapore 119260

P: (65) 6874-6800

F: (65) 6779-1459



Primary Area:  Computer Aided Fixture Design, Grasping, Virtual Design, Virtual Manufacturing, Computer Aided Process Planning, Design Automation, Collaborative Engineering

Secondary Area: Micro/Nano Manufacturing, Chemical Mechanical Planarization, Solid Modeling, Micro/Nano Assembly, Automatic Mesh Generation


Professor Kostas J. Kyriakopoulos, Associate Editor, Term ends June 2008

Mechanical Engineering Department

National Technical University of Athens

9 Heroon Polytechniou Str., Zografou

Athens 15700, Greece

P: ++30-210-772-3595 (Tel.+Ans.Mach.)

F: ++30-210-772-3657 (Tel.+Fax)



Primary Areas: Robotic Agents, Multi-agents Operations, Real Time

Embedded Control Systems, Automated Guided Vehicle Systems, Control

System Applications, Motion planning

Secondary Areas: Inspection Automation, Air-Traffic Management,



Der-Horng Lee, Associate Editor, Checkpoint Review April 2008

National University of Singapore

Department of Civil Engineering

BLK E1A, #07-16, 1 Engineering Drive 2

Singapore 117576

P: +65-6516-2131

F: +65-6779-1635



Primary Areas: Traffic simulation, Transportation network, Intelligent

transportation systems, Multi-modal transportation logistics

Secondary Areas: Airport and aviation management, Maritime and port



Professor Tae-Eog Lee, Associate Editor, Term ends January 2008


Department of Industrial Engineering

373-1 Gusung-dong, Yusung-gu

Daejon 305-701


P: +82-42-869-3122, +82-19-687-2824,

F: +82-42-869-3110


U: http:\\

Primary Area: Modeling, Scheduling, and Control of Discrete Event Systems; Equipment Integration; Factory Automation and Integration for Semiconductor Manufacturing; Planning and Scheduling Systems for Manufacturing Systems and Enterprises; Software Engineering for Automation Systems and Factory Integration; Factory Communication and Networks

Secondary Area: Modeling and Engineering for Business Software Systems; Supply Chain Management and Logistics Systems; System Modeling and Simulation; Product Design and Development and Knowledge-based Engineering; Automatic Identification and Ubiquitous Computing Systems; Stochastic Modeling and Risk Management


Professor Jingshan Li, Associate Editor, Term ends June 2009

University of Kentucky

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

453 F. Paul Anderson Tower

Lexington, KY  40506-0046

P: (859) 257-6262 ext. 450

Fax (859) 257-1071



Primary Areas: Design, analysis and continuous improvement of manufacturing systems; lean manufacturing systems; and integrated productivity and quality models.

Secondary areas: Production-inventory models in supply chain management.


Professor Youfu Li, Associate Editor, Term ends June 2008

City University of Hong Kong

Dept of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management

83 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon

Hong Kong

P: (852) 2788 8410

F: (852) 2788 8423



Primary: Robot sensing, robot vision, sensor-based control, tracking and

visually guided manipulation.

Secondary: Automation, mechatronics


Dr. Raju Mattikalli, Associate Editor, Checkpoint Review April 2008
The Boeing Math Group

Associate Technical Fellow
Mathematical Modeling
P: 425-373-2700

C: 425-891-9130


Primary Areas: Design Automation, Mathematical Modeling, Geometric Modeling, Optimization, Computational Mechanics, Physics Based Modeling

Secondary Areas: Assembly Planning, Fixture Planning, Sensor Planning, Communication Network Modeling, Computer Graphics


Professor Hong Qiao, Associate Editor, Checkpoint Review April 2008

Institute of Automation

Chinese Academy of Sciences

P.O. Box 2728

Beijing 100080


P: 010-6257-3736

C: 135-5292-5758



Prmiary Areas: Intelligent Robotics, Pattern Recognition, Machine

Learning, and Data Mining.

Secondary Areas: Robotic Vision


Dr. Sreeram Ramakrishnan, Associate Editor, Checkpoint Review April 2008

IBM T J Watson Research Center

Research Staff Member

Business Performance Management Dynamics

1101 Kitchawan Road

Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 

P: 914-945-2724




Primary Areas: Service Process Modeling and Optimization, Business Process

Automation, Service Enterprise Modeling, Developing Formalisms for Developing Control Execution Mechanisms for Service Domain Applications.

Secondary Areas: Simulation-Based Control, Distributed Simulations, Agent Based Models for Discrete Manufacturing and Financial Markets Domain, Automatic Control Software and Simulation Models Generation, Artifact-Based Modeling


Professor Laura Recalde, Associate Editor, Term ends January 2009

Universidad de Zaragoza

Departamento de Informatica e Ingenieria de Sistemas

Centro Politecnico Superior

Maria de Luna, 1.

E-50018 Zaragoza


P: +34 976 76 2338

F: +34 976 76 1914



Primary Areas: Modeling and Analysis (Qualitative and Quantitative) of Discrete Event Dynamic Systems, Petri nets and concurrency models

Secondary Areas: Hybrid/Switched Systems


Professor Spyros A. Reveliotis, Associate Editor, Term ends January 2008

Georgia Institute of Technology

School of Industrial & Systems Engineering

Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0205

P: (404) 894-6608

F: (404) 894-2301



Primary Area: Logical/Supervisory Control of Discrete Event Systems; Petri net theory and applications; Formal Modeling, Analysis, and Control of Resource Allocation

Systems and its application to Manufacturing, Transportation, and Workflow Management Systems

Secondary Area: Stochastic Processes; Markov Decision Processes; Neuro-dynamic Programming and Reinforcement Learning; Warehousing Systems; and Reverse Logistics


Dr. Bin Sai, Associate Editor, Checkpoint Review January 2009

Chief Technology Officer

Honeywell Enraf

Delftechpark 39, 2628 XJ Delft

P.O. Box 812, 2600 AV Delft

The Netherlands

P: +31 (0)15 2701 178

C: +31 (0)6 4671 8217

F: +31 (0)15 2701 197



Primary Areas: Sensor System Definition, Design and Integration; Advanced Signal Processing; Radar Technology and Electromagnetic Fields; Modeling of Microwave/Millimeter Wave Scattering; Automated Target Classification and Identification; Subsurface Detection and High-Resolution Imaging.

Secondary Areas: Process Sensing Control and Automation, Tank Terminal Automation Solutions


Professor Kazuhiro Saitou, Associate Editor, Term ends January 2008

University of Michigan

Department of Mechanical Engineering

3211 EECS, 2350 Hayward Street

Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2125

P: (734) 763-0036

F: (734) 647-3170



Primary Area: Design Automation and Optimization; Design for Manufacturing, Assembly and Disassembly; Assembly/Disassembly Planning; Assembly

Automation; and Integrated Product-Production System Design.

Secondary Area: Design Optimization; Evolutionaty Computation; Manufacturing Systems Design; Structural Optimization; Automotive Design and

Production; and Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS).


Professor Pidaparthy S. Sastry, Associate Editor, Checkpoint review April 2008

Indian Institute of Science

Department of Electrical Engineering

Bangalore - 560 012


P: +91-80-2293-2934

F: +91-80-2360-0444



Primary Areas: Learning Systems, Neural Networks, Pattern Recognition, Data Mining, Computer Vision, and Computational Neuralscience

Secondary Areas: Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Computational Neuralscience


Dr. Jon M. Selig, Associate Editor, Term ends June 2008

Faculty of Business, Computing and Information Management

London South Bank University, Borough Road,

London, SE1 0AA


P: (0)20-7815-7461

F: (0)20-7815-7499



Primary Areas: Geometry, in particular geometrical aspects of robotics, including kinematics, dynamics, and control.

Secondary Areas:  More general mathematical and computational aspects of robotics and automation. 


Professor Leyuan Shi, Associate Editor, Term ends August 2008

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dept of Industrial & Systems Engineering

1513 University Ave.

Madison, WI 53706

P: 608-265-5969

F: 608-262-8454

C: 608-235-4726




Primary Areas: Large-scale optimization and simulation with applications in planning and scheduling systems and supply chain management

Secondary Area: Discrete Event systems, optimization in healthcare systems


Professor Yu Sun, Associate Editor, Checkpoint Review January 2009

Dept. of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Inst. of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering

University of Toronto

5 King's College Road

Toronto, ON, M5S 3G8


Phone: 416-946-0549

Fax: 416-978-7753



Primary Areas: Micro and nano-scale automation, MEMS/NEMS, microrobotic and

nanorobotic manipulation

Secondary Areas: Manipulation and characterization of biological cells and nanomaterials, cell mechanobiology, laboratory automation.


Professor Herbert G. Tanner, Associate Editor, Checkpoint Review January 2009

Department of Mechanical Engineering

MSC01 1150,

University of New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Phone: 505-277-1493



Primary Areas: Multi-agent systems, sensor networks, hybrid systems, robotics

Secondary Areas: Nonlinear control, motion planning, discontinuous dynamical systems, radiation monitoring and mapping


Professor Dawn M. Tilbury, Associate Editor, Checkpoint Review January 2009

Department of Mechanical Engineering

University of Michigan

2250 G. G. Brown, 2350 Hayward St.

Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2125

Phone: 734-936-2129



Primary Areas: Logic control for manufacturing systems and networked control systems.

Secondary Areas: Discrete event systems, performance management of computing systems


Professor Biagio Turchiano, Associate Editor, Checkpoint Review January 2009

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (DEE)

Politecnico di Bari

Via Re David 200

70125 Bari


Phone: 39-080-5963486

Fax: 39-080-5963410



Primary Areas: Modeling, analysis, and synthesis of concurrent systems; Formal modeling and analysis techniques for distributed systems and distributed software; discrete-event systems, supervisory control.

Secondary Areas: Manufacturing System Modeling, Analysis, Performance Evaluation; Planning, Scheduling, Coordination; Supply Chain.


Professor S. (Vish) Viswanathan, Associate Editor, Term ends January 2008

Nanyang Technological University

Nanyang Business School

Singapore  639798

P: +65-6790-4798

F: +65-6794-7682



Primary Area: Inventory Models; Supply Chain Coordination; Multi-echelon and Joint Replenishment Inventory Systems; Planning, Scheduling and Coordination; Economic Lot Scheduling Problem.

Secondary Area: Manufacturing Systems; Group Technology; Forecasting; Reverse Logistics Models; System Modeling and Analysis; Design and Development of Heuristics; Vehicle Routing; E-Retail Operations.


Professor Yoke-San Wong, Associate Editor, Term ends June 2009
National University of Singapore
Department of Mechanical Engineering
9 Engineering Drive 1
Singapore 117576
P: +65-6516-2221
F: +65-6779-1459


Primary Areas: manufacturing process characterization, simulation, monitoring and
optimization; product data capture; product design, prototyping and manufacturing
Secondary Areas: automated and integrated manufacturing system modeling, design and control.

Professor Jing Xiao, Associate Editor, Checkpoint Review January 2009

University of North Carolina - Charlotte

Department of Computer Science

Rm 403C, Woodward Hall

Charlotte, NC 28223

Phone: 703-687-8587

Fax: 704-687-4893



Primary Areas: Robotics, geometric reasoning and computation, haptics, evolutionary computation

Secondary Areas: Planning and optimization, AI


Professor Xiaolan Xie, Associate Editor, Term ends August 2008

Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de Saint Etienne

Department of Health Care Systems Operation

158 Cours Fauriel  42023 Saint-Etienne cedex 2


P: 33-(0) 4-77-42-66-95

F: 33- (0) 4-77-42-02-49


Primary Areas: Design and operation of healthcare systems, Modeling, performance evaluation and optimization of manufacturing systems, Supply chain design and supply chain optimization, Production planning and scheduling

Secondary Areas: Discrete event dynamic systems, Supervisory control, Petri nets, Preventive maintenance


Dr. Mike Tao Zhang, Associate Editor, Term ends June 2008

Spansion Inc.

Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Mobile: +1 (480) 234 8461

Primary Areas: Semiconductor Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing,

Planning/Scheduling/Dispatching, Supply Chain Management, Computer

Integrated Manufacturing, Factory Physics, Optimization/Simulation


Secondary Areas: Computer-Aided Fixture Design, Grasping,

Virtual Design, Computational Geometry, Design for Manufacturing


Dr. Mingjun Zhang, Associate Editor, Term extended to February 2008

Agilent Technologies

Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis Division

5301 Steven Creeks Blvd

Santa Clara, CA 95051

P: (408) 553-4159



Primary Areas: DNA/Protein microarray fabrication; GC/MS Automation;

Automation for the Life Sciences; Micro-/Nano-scale System Dynamics and


Secondary Area: Bio-robotics and Mechatronics, Bio-instrumentation.




Professor Kenneth Y. Goldberg

University of California

Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

Berkeley, CA 94720-1777

P: (510) 643-9565 | 4189 Etcheverry






Professor Peter B. Luh

University of Connecticut

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

371 Fairfield Way, Unit 2157

Storrs, CT 06269-2157


P: (860) 486-3410

F: (860) 486-5585



Primary Areas: Computer Aided Production Management, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Planning and Scheduling, Mathematical Optimization

Secondary Areas: Discrete Event Systems, Manufacturing System Design and Integration, Manufacturing System Performance Evaluation