Terry G. Glagowski, Ph.D
Adjunct Professor – Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

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Point of Contact (POC)

Terry G. Glagowski, Ph.D.

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

Office: Room 258, ITE Building (not often there)

Phone: Room 258: 860-486-4857 (not often there)

University of Connecticut

Storrs, CT  06269

EMAIL: Terry.Glagowski@UConn.edu

See Also: www.Glagowski.org or www.Glagowski.org/vita

Academic Background

Ph.D Computer Science, University of Connecticut (1984), Taylor Booth, Bernie Lovell, John R. White Advisor

MSEE Electrical Engineering, Stanford, University (1970) Bell Labs Fellowship, Edward J. McCluskey Advisor

BSEE Electrical Engineering, University of Connecticut (1969), Magna Cum Laude


Visiting and Regular Faculty: Assistant Professor: Washington State University (1989-1996)

Adjunct Faculty: UMass Lowell (1985-1986), UConn (1975-1976).

Visiting Faculty: University of Puerto Rico (1980), exchange program between Univ. PR and GTE Laboratories.

Visiting Instructor: UConn (1975-1976).



Courses Taught

See Also

Industry Background

DoD / USAF: Jacobs Technology, Hanscom AFB:

 Aerospace Management Systems, CNS/ATM Avionics Systems, Navigation Data (DAFIF),

 EGLIN Radar Modernization
 Space Fence – Space Surveillance RADAR

 Aerospace Mission Planning

DoT / FAA: Titan Corporation:

 Aerospace Management Systems, Wake Turbulence Data Acquisition, St. Louis Airport

 FogEye Airport Runway Surveillance Verification, TF Green Airport, Providence, RI

 Weather Instrument Testing – Otis, AFB

Integrated Dynamics Research (IDEDAS)

 Director of Software / Firmware for Materials Handling Robotics used in the Semiconductor Industry

LG Electronics Research of America

 System Requirements for the LG / Dish DVR System

 Subject Matter Expert for ATSC (MPEG + AC3) Transport Stream and Representative to ATSC Committee

 Developer of Test and Synthesis Tools for ATSC

Bose Corporation

 Project Firmware Lead: Bose Wave Radio, Bose LS-50 Sound System

GTE Laboratories

 R&D for Telephone Switching Development Tools, Software Engineering Tools, Electronic Control Systems, VLSI for Electronic Controls.

Bell Telephone Laboratories

 Development of Tools and Software Engineering Practices for the No.1 ESS Electronic Switch

University of Connecticut

 Administrator and Software Developer for Data Processing Systems to Support Student Data, Especially Scheduling of Students to Classes.

 Concurrent with Ph.D. studies at the UConn / Storrs campus.


Systems Built

Research Interests

 Software Tools for System Synthesis, Software Engineering Methodology