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University of Connecticut School of Engineering Cellular Mechanics Laboratory

Building Evacuation

  • Panic during emergency building evacuation can cause crowd stampede, resulting in serious injuries and casualties. Here, we employ a system of self-moving particles whose motion is governed by the social-force model (introduced by Helbing, Farkas, and Viscek, Nature 2000) to investigate the effect of complex building architecture on the uncoordinated crowd motion during urgent evacuation. In particular, we study how the room door size, the size of the main exit, the desired speed and the friction coefficient affect the evacuation time and under what circumstances the evacuation efficiency improves.

  • Physica A article: Agent-based modeling of a multi-room multi-floor building emergency evacuation.'

  • Videos

    Emergency evacuation of one room ,   Emergency evacuation of two rooms

    Emergency evacuation of one floor ,   Emergency evacuation of a building with three floors