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University of Connecticut School of Engineering Cellular Mechanics Laboratory

IMPETUS VR – Immersive Virtual Reality Environment for IMPETUS Simulations


Live Demonstration:

Simple Molecule Simulations - an IMPETUS simulation demonstrating interactive reconfiguration of molecules by coupling particle dynamics with a network

Volumetric Visualization of a Three-Dimensional Confocal Miscroscopy Mouse Kidney Section Image

Red Blood Cell Membrane Model

Axon Skeleton Model

Collective Migration of Placodes and Neuro Crest Cells - an interactive IMPETUS simulation coupling particle dynamics with a continuum diffusion field

Endocytosis - Representation of endocytosis. After the enveloped particle has passed through the lipid bilayer, the membrane repairs itself.

More IMPETUS VR Videos

IMPETUS VR 360 Images

Download IMPETUS VR executable