CSE5600-2: Networking and Distributed Systems Lab

Course Information

Instructor: Bing Wang
Office: ITEB 367
Office Hours:  by appointment.
Phone: 860-456-0582
e-mail: bing@engr.uconn.edu
Husky CT website.

Content: Wireless sensor networks have many exciting applications, such as environmental monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, precision agriculture, industrial automation, surveillance, and health care. In this course, you will gain hands-on experience on wireless sensor networks. In particular, you will get familiar with the basic hardware (we use motes in this course) and software (TinyOS, nesC programming) used in wireless sensor networks. Topics to be covered include: overview of sensor networks, TinyOS, nesC programming language, mote programming, wireless communication using motes, sensing data sampling, and multi-hop routing. There will be six labs, no midterm or final exam. Students will form groups to work on the labs.

Teaching assistants: Wei Zeng (wei.zeng@engr.uconn.edu)


Course Materials:

Lab Location:

ITEB C13: at the concourse level of the ITE Building. You will need to know the password to enter lab (the instructor will let you know the password when you show up in the first class). Please carefully follow the instructions when using the equipment (they are fairly expensive).

Grading policy:

There are six labs for this course. The labs are fun and challenging, and with effort can be done well. Your grade will be based on the Lab reports (there are no exams). No late assignments will be accepted. Labs handed in late will lose 10% daily of the maximum possible credit. We will follow the University Policy on Academic Integrity regarding any cheating and plagiarism. 


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