CSE 330 - Advanced Computer Networks
Fall 2006

Written Homework 3


Assigned: Friday, Nov. 17; Due: Tuesday, Dec. 4, in class


Guidelines about homework.


Problem 1: (25 points) High-performance TCP. Consider a standard TCP connection with a packet size of 1500 bytes and a round-trip time of 100ms. The average throughput of the TCP connection is 10 Gbps.

Problem 2: (10 points) Consider packet-level sampling. In particular, you'll sample one packet in every N packets. Let P denote the number of original packets. Let \hat{p} denote the total number of measured packets. Let \hat{P} denote the estimated number of packets, \hat{P}=N \hat{p}.

(Hint: read the paper on packet sampling we covered in class).

Problem 3: (10 points) Basics of wireless communication and MAC. 

Problem 4: (5 points) According to your knowledge and the materials we covered so far, list 3 aspects of wireless network that you found interesting and very different from wired network.