CSE 330 - Fall 2006: Advanced Computer Networks

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This course covers advanced fundamental principles and special topics of computer networks. Topics include protocol mechanisms, advanced network architecture, network algorithms, network control, network simulation, and performance analysis and measurement, spanning both wired and wireless networks. The goal of this course is to teach networking fundamentals/techniques that will have a long life (that is, whenever today's hot topic is no longer hot, the principles covered in this course will still be relevant and important).


There is no textbook for the course. Reading material will be posted online in Reading List.
Suggested reference books:


Class participation (10%)
Homework (30%)
Semester-long project (60%)


The following is a tentative schedule subject to changes. The slides (up to class 18) are mostly based on lecture notes by Prof. Jim Kurose and Don Towsley. The Copyrights are reserved by them and may not be used without prior written permission. Part of slides on wireless networks are provided by Prof. Lili Qiu (and adapted from slides in her class) and the authors with copyright reserved.

Date  Class #  Topics Covered Notes/Reading
8/28 1 Class overview. Network basics.

 Notes (part1, part2)

8/30 2 Network basics.


9/4 no class Labor day.
9/6 3 Randomization  Notes (ppt), Randomization readings.
9/11 4 Randomization

 Notes (ppt)

9/13 5 Indirection, virtualization  Notes (ppt). Indirection, virtualization readings
9/18 6 Indirection, virtualization.

 Notes (ppt). proposal due by midnight.

9/20 7 Multiplexing, scalability  Notes (ppt). Multiplexing readings. hw1 assigned.
9/29 8 Multiplexing, scalability  
10/2 9 Network modeling, simulation  Notes (ppt).
10/4 10 ns-2 overview  ns lecture materials
10/6 11 TCP modeling  Notes (ppt).
10/9 12 Congestion control  Notes (ppt).
10/11 13 Network measurement/management  hw2 assigned. Notes (ppt).
10/16 14 Network tomography  Notes (ppt).
10/18 15 midterm presentation midterm report due by 11:59pm EST today.
10/30 16 Wireless radio propagation model and 802.11 MAC  Notes (ppt).
11/1 17 Wireless radio propagation model and 802.11 MAC  Notes (ppt).
11/6 18 Performance issues & improvement on 802.11 MAC  Notes (ppt).
11/8 19 Wireless network measurement  Notes (ppt).
11/13 21 Wireless network measurement  Notes (ppt). Notes (ppt).
11/15 22 Wireless management  Notes (ppt). Notes (ppt). hw3 assigned.
no class. Thanksgiving holiday.
11/27 22 Wireless management
11/29 23 Wireless security  Notes (ppt). Notes (ppt).
12/1 24 final presentation.  cancelled.
12/4 26 final presentation.  
12/6 27 final presentation. TCP in wireless network final report due by 11:59pm EST on 12/14.

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