Athanasios (Nasos) Bamis is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Connecticut. Before joining UConn, he received his Ph.D. and M.Phil. from Yale University, and a Diploma of Engineering from the Computer Engineering and Informatics Department at the University of Patras, Greece. At Yale he was a member of Andreas Savvides' Embedded Networks & Applications Laboratory (ENALAB).

Athanasios research interests lie in the intersection of cyber-physical systems and applied pattern recognition/data mining. In particular, the areas of his expertise include:
  • Data mining methods and algorithms to infer human behaviors and routines from sensor data and analyze their temporal properties.
  • Middleware for human-centric cyber-physical systems with the goal to make sensor data available in the cloud and simplify actuation.
  • Applications that depend on the analysis of human behavioral patterns to provide services, including assisted living and proactive health management, power efficiency in buildings, security, and community sensing using smartphones.
More information about Athanasios research can be found here.

Athanasios is also a co-founder of Seldera LLC, a start-up company specializing in energy efficiency applications for commercial and industrial buildings.