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About Me

If someone had told me years ago that I would be on the cover of a magazine, create a mind-controlled quadcopter, help develop a native iOS app for a company, and land an internship at a tech giant all before my senior year of college, I most likely would not have believed them.

Despite having no programming experience prior to college, I have managed to stand out as an honors student in UConn’s Computer Science and Engineering program. I enjoy inspiring students of all ages such as at UConn's Open House events and the annual Connecticut Invention Conventions. I seek to leave my mark on the world of technology and to influence prospective students to explore the exciting fields of engineering and computer programming along the way.

Through my dedication and passion for programming, I’ve been able to work on many interesting and exciting projects which have taken me above and beyond the required understanding of my courses and have even given me recognition throughout my major’s department. However, I strongly believe in never resting on one’s laurels and am continuously looking for new challenges to take on.