DISC '98
(formerly WDAG)

12th International Symposium on DIStributed Computing


Excursions - Churches

The towns and villages of Andros are of considerable interest. Gavrio is the island`s principal harbour, on the west side of Andros , and is particularly interesting for the impressive tower of Agios Petros. It is a fine setting with a lot of marvellous beaches nearby.

Stenies has narrow alleyways and is one of the villages from which the shipowners and captains originate. Andros has numerous interesting things to see:; these include the Church of the Archangel (12th Century) at Messaria, the Monasteries of Zoodochos Pigi at Batsi, of Agios Nikolaos at Apikia (which is also the site of the mineral springs at Sariza) and Panachrandou at Phallika, and the Upper Kastro or the Old Woman's Castle to the north of the village of Kohylos.

Special mention should be made of the ruins of an ancient city which has survived at Palaiopoli. At Zagora, to the south of Palaiopoli, one of the most important Geometric temples to have been discovered anywhere in Greece has come to light.

There are excellent beaches for swimming at Niborio, Paraporti, Yialia, Korthi Bay near Batsi, Gavrio, Vitali and elsewhere.

The villages of Menites, Mesathouri and Strapourgies make interesting walks.
offers excellent tourist facilities and is well able to handle the increased volume of traffic visiting the island for its natural beauty, charming villages, historic monuments, lovely beaches and mineral springs. There is a naval club (rowing and sailing) at Nimborio.
Among the local specialties are cheese pies (``kaltsounia''), a fresh white cheese, wine, almond confectionery (``amygdalota'') and ``froutalia", a special omelette with sausage. Fish are plentiful.


Hora - Museums

The capital Andros or Hora which is the island's second largest port, lies on the southeastern coast.

It is a most attractive town, with neo-classical mansions side-by-side with Cycladic houses, steep and narrow alleys lined with arcades, fine churches and two pretty squares in the centre of a town which will make a lasting impression. Among the most important monuments of Hora are the Venetian Castle, now ruined, and the church of ``Palatiani'' within its wall.

On the cultural side, there is a Museum containing finds from the Geometric, Classical, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods, and a Maritime Museum with a rich collection of ship models, photographs and nautical instruments.
In Chora you will find one of the best Archaeological Museums in Greece. It contains findings from Zagora in Palaiopolis, the famous statue of Hermes of Praxitelis, as well as some Byzantine items.

Also in Chora is the Goulandris Museum of Modern Art and the Kydoneas Foundation.

Both of these offer summer exhibitions of mostly modern, but also Byzantine art which run from June to late September. Many internationally acclaimed modern artists' exhibitions have been held here recently, like Paul Klee's, Paul Cezanne's, works by the sculptor Michalis Tombros and many more. In addition, the Maritime Museum is one of the best in the Cyclades owing to the island's maritime tradition.